Needed Distributor for Peanut candy


Needed distributors & resellers for Healthy and Nutritious Groundnut Chikki and snacks throughout Tamilnadu, Kerala & other parts of India.

The products such as,

1. Groundnut Chikki (Kadalai Barupi/urandai)
2. White Sesame balls/bar (Ellu urandai/Barupi)
3. Black Sesame balls/bar (Ellu urandai/Barupi)
4. Ginger Candy (injimarappa)
5. Mixture balls/bar
6. Honey candy
7. All type spicy snacks

All products which are prepared in traditional and authentical hand made style added with natural jaggery and oil. Which does not contain any artificial preservatives that harmful to health.

Products can be packed and customized based on seller requirements.

* No Deposit
* No advance payment
* Pay for what you for ordering
* Good margin rate
* Free transportation for order over 5000

Samples will be provided minimum order of 1000.

Inbox for further details.|
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கட்டுரை ஆசிரியர் அல்லது விளம்பரதாரை தொடர்பு கொள்ளும் பொழுது சிறுதொழில்.காம்-வில் பார்த்ததாக நினைவு கூறவும். நன்றி